Find Your Bay Life Balance

Work/Life Balance
More Energy
Ease Back Pain
Less Physical Stress/Pain

Complimentary call with health coach to discuss your challenges and create a game plan to reach your below

What Brought You Here…

-Your work has become an energetic black hole

-You can’t find time to do things you once loved

-You don’t have enough energy to workout

-You have physical pain/tension

-You could have better eating habits

-If your snooze button was a physical thing, it would be worn out

-Your relationships are strained/could be better

Let our Team get you back into balance with:

  • Personal Training
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Massage
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition
  • Nature Walks + Yoga

Where the story began…

As a recovering workaholic Brett knew burn-out well:

-Chronic fatigue

-Poor digestion

-Bloated, uncomfortable in her own body

-Addicted to sugar and caffeine

-Low motivation

-Crappy moods

She knew enough about exercise and nutrition to change her habits, but got stuck in a start/stop cycle

She finally admitted she was only getting so far on her own

She hired a trainer and had the accountability and motivation to finally push through the start/stop cycle and fully commit to self-care…

She thought she just wanted to lose weight, but as her body transformed so did her life

She finally got the body she was dreaming about, and it came along with all these other benefits she wasn’t expecting or realized she was lacking…

Her digestion, which was faulty since her teens, finally normalized and the constant bloating and stomachaches subsided

She wasn’t always tired and needing to reach for sugar/caffeine to keep going…

She had a new definition of self-worth that had nothing to do with her weight…

She developed discipline that spilled over from her exercise routine into her job and began making more money

She was much more comfortable in social situations and began to meet new people…

 She wants to be that catalyst for you to transform YOUR life and find the balance she found…

So she’s put together a network of support; You aren’t meant to do it alone.

Hi I’m Brett! 

I do things differently…

I believe in personal training that empowers my clients so they don’t remain dependent on me to accomplish their long-term health goals.

My goal is to teach you about cultivating a healthy lifestyle so you have the tools to take care of yourself with as little or as much support from me as you need!

Whether you’re looking to completely upgrade your lifestyle or just start some new healthy habits, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no one-size-fits-all so I help you find what works for you without compromising your other priorities.

7030 Snake Rd, Oakland, CA 94611 508.801.4119 Training Days: Monday/Wednesday 7am-4pm Tuesday/Thursday 7am-4pm